Bagging – A Process to Kill the Roaches and Fix the Damage of Video Game

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Here at we have been getting a lot of broken systems that appear to be breaking for no reason. After a quick inspection of the system, our curious customers receive an answer as to why their system is not working and that answer would be Cockroaches.Video game systems are the perfect breeding ground and hiding place for cockroaches. Its dark, warm and there are no people to squash them. Damage from cockroach infestation can be severe, irreversible and expensive. In most cases it is just better to dispose of the system and then to have an exterminator at the house.At we have had experience with a good handful of these infested systems and have a system for exterminating the roaches and then repairing the damage.The first step is to kill off all of the roaches in a process we call bagging. Place the system in a garbage bag and then put a paper towel that is drenched with rubbing alcohol on top of it. Seal the bag with a rubber band and make sure no air can get in or out. Leave the system for 3 days to ensure that they are all dead.When you return, there may be cockroaches outside the system the tried to escape but they should all be dead. The next step is to put gloves on, nobody said video game repair was glamorous and in these situations its going to get nasty, so gloves, rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer is essential. If the system is not powering on replacing the PSU should bring it back to life. Make sure to dispose of any old parts as they may be harboring eggs. Clean all ports with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush as cockroaches and their feces may be blocking connections. Last but not least clean the laser. Chances are the roaches have dirtied the lens making it unable to read discs.