Nintendo Entertainment System – New Revolution in the Gaming Industry

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Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America on October 18, 1985. It revolutionized the gaming industry and provided hours of entertainment to kids and adults alike for years. It paved the way for modern gaming as we know it. Today, many gamers want to either relive their childhoods and go back to their roots, many younger gamers simply want to see where what they play today came from. Locating and NES is not difficult seeing as how 34 million units were sold in the United States alone. However, after 28 years most NES consoles have difficulty playing games and functioning properly.The most common and biggest issue players run into with the NES is the red flashing light error. This error is caused by a combination of things one of them is the 72 pin connector which is the part that the pins on the cartridge connect to on the system. Over the years these become rusty or even bent. This bad connection then corresponds to the NES lockout chip, which was installed in the system to lock out European games and cause the system to restart itself continuously. At we replace the pin connector and disable the lockout chip all for $30.