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Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
Galaxy Note 10+ 5G
Galaxy Z Flip (Thom Browne Edition)
Galaxy A8 Plus (2018)
Serenata Bang and Olufsen
Galaxy Amp Prime 3
Galaxy Express Prime 3
Galaxy Grand Prime
Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition
Galaxy S5 Mini Duos
Galaxy Express Prime 2
Galaxy Grand Prime Duos
P520 Giorgio Armani
B7620 Giorgio Armani
Galaxy Stratosphere 2

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Main FAQs

In-Store Appointments -Depending on the type of repair, stock availability of replacement parts, and how complex the repair is, you could have your device back in as little as 20 minutes! When you use our online repair booking system, you'll always receive a time estimate for your repair. We can absolutely guarantee you'll have your device back within five business days.

On-Site Repair Service -Let us come to you! We can stop by your home or office and repair your device on the spot within an hour. 

Mail Order -You can also choose to drop your device in the mail. This is also a great option because as soon as you place your online booking request, we get to work ensuring we have any necessary replacement parts ready by the time your device makes it to our office. Nearly all of our customers that use the mail order option receive their device back within three business days. And we always test your device before shipping it back to ensure it's working again properly. 

We provide a 90-day warranty for all of our repairs, except for a repair due to water damage. 

And if for any reason you did to do a warranty claim, we guarantee a smooth and enjoyable experience. We're not here to give you a hard time. 

However, please note the warranty is voided if there is any cosmetic damage after the repair date. We take before and after photos of devices and keep them with your account, so you can always contact us if you ever have any questions.

Other FAQs

Our goal is to return your device without you losing anything important, like photos, apps, and phone numbers. However, we can't always guarantee this will happen so we also recommend that you back up your device and erase anything personal before we start the repair service. 

If for any reason we do need to complete a software flash, we will reach out to you first for approval.