PS5 Rumors: What We Can Expect From Sony’s Next-Gen Console

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PS5 Rumors: What We Can Expect From Sony’s Next-Gen Console

Grab your friends and start fluffing your couch cushions because Playstation 5 is coming!

But don’t start the popcorn. It’s coming, but we’re still in for a bit of a wait. Rumors about Sony’s highly-anticipated next-generation console are beginning to bubble up, and it would appear the PS5 will be coming to a store near you sometime in the middle of next year. We can make it a year, right?

We’ve been looking into what’s being said about the console, and while not everything is set in stone, there’s enough confirmed information out there to begin getting excited about what’s shaping up to be a beast of a console.

PS5 Rumor

Playstation 5 Specs

Looking under the hood we find some pretty impressive hardware. The console’s built around a smoking fast eight-core AMD Ryzen CPU that’s based on their latest 7nm Zen 2 architecture. It boasts a bespoke, Radeon Navi-based GPU capable of dishing out ray-traced renders at resolutions up to 8K.

This will be the first time we’re seeing ray-traced rendering in a game console. Ray tracing creates much more accurate lighting than can be achieved by standard rendering methods, creating stunningly photorealistic images. This promises that PS5 titles will be jaw-droppingly beautiful.

The machine is also set to include an internal SSD (solid-state drive) so load times won’t be held up by slow storage technology. While it’s confirmed that games will still be delivered by disc, cloud streaming is rumored to be a part of the offerings and could provide competition to Google’s Stadia product. Interestingly, it’s rumored that Sony and Microsoft are working together to develop shared cloud technologies, so how we’re excited to see how streaming is implemented.


Graphics up to 8K will be supported, and it has been confirmed that the Playstation 5 will deliver what many gamers have been hoping for some time, 4K graphics at a 120Hz refresh rate. This will deliver incredibly smooth playback on displays capable of faster refresh speeds.

The system’s audio performance should be equally impressive, delivering powerful 3D sound. Add to this support for Sony’s PSVR virtual reality hardware and the PS5 is primed to deliver a truly immersive gaming experience.

The system will be backward compatible with PS4 games, which is great news, but it’s not yet certain whether older titles will enjoy better graphics and/or performance running on this newer technology.

The Rest of It

There are a bunch of exciting features we’re looking forward to on the PS5. Sources report that game saves will be transferable between consoles, so you can grab your game from home and bring it to a friend’s place to pick up where you left off.

If cloud streaming winds up a large part of the console experience, and most analysts agree a punched-up version of Playstation Now will drive the platform, expect a seamless online gaming experience.

Of course, all of this power doesn’t come cheap, and most sources seem to agree that the PS5’s launch price will be higher than what we saw when the PS4 hit the market. Right now analysts expect we’ll be shelling out $499 to plant one of these in our entertainment center. Totally worth it.

Check back for developments as the launch date gets closer!