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If you can’t play your favorite games because your console is misbehaving, bring it in to VGR and let our skilled technicians diagnose the issue. Whether you play on Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo equipment, we have the skills and tools needed to get you back in the game. Our affordable repairs are just what your console ordered. We fix both current generation and classic equipment. You can trust that your system will be fixed right, the first time.

Playstation Console Repair

No matter the age of your device, VGR can fix it. From the Playstation 2 your kid uses in the basement, to your hubby’s Playstation Vita, and your prized Playstation 4, our technicians have the experience to revive even the worst case scenarios.

Xbox Console Repair

If you’re an Xbox aficionado, VGR has you covered. Whether you’re hoping to have your Xbox, Xbox 360 or Xbox One console repaired, we have the know how to get your machine working again. There’s nothing that can happen to your Xbox that we haven’t seen before.

Nintendo Console Repair

If you’re staring at the sad, broken remains of your well-loved Nintendo machine, bring it to the people that will give it the care it deserves. We can repair most any problem affecting your Nintendo 2ds, 3ds, Wii,Wii U, or Switch. Let VGR work its magic for you.

Nintendo Repair Services

VGR is capable of nearly any Nintendo repair scenario you can imagine. Whether it’s your home console or your mobile gaming device that’s ceased to function properly, we can quickly get it back up and running. No matter the malfunction — power issues, hard drive problems, a cracked screen, video issues, charging problems, or water damage, we can get you playing again. We carry most common parts in stock, so many repairs can be made the same day. And of course we offer a limited lifetime warranty with all of our repairs so you can play, confident that you’re covered.

The honor for the most recent gaming device to hit store shelves belongs to Nintendo, with their Switch device. This revolutionary concept in gaming plays double duty, both as a console machine and a portable device. It gives you the power to unplug and take your game on the road.

We mention this because you may assume, since your Switch is brand new you won’t need to worry about repairing it anytime soon. And we hope you’re right, but unfortunately even new devices can go on the fritz. If this happens to you, don’t delay. Bring your Switch to the experts at VGR. Our advanced training covers even the newest gaming systems, and we’re able to fix nearly any issue. Most common repairs can be turned around the same day. Minor repairs can often happen while you wait. Don’t worry that your nifty new game system isn’t working. Let VGR get you playing again, fast and affordably, satisfaction guaranteed.

Xbox Repair Services

Is your Xbox an ex-box? Has your 360 made a 180? Is your Xbox One now an Xbox none? If your Xbox system is on the fritz or completely dead, bring it to the knowledgeable technicians at VGR, where speedy, quality repairs are what we do everyday. We know the red ring of death all too well, and we know how to fix it. Most parts are kept in stock so if you drop it off with us in the morning you could be back to playing that night! We offer high-quality, affordable repairs on any and all Xbox consoles, with a limited lifetime warranty on all our work.

Whether you’re dealing with a red ring of death, a damaged motherboard, a damaged hard drive, no picture or no sound (or both) we have the experience to get you playing again, fast. You simply couldn’t ask for a better, more trustworthy, more complete repair service.

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