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Water Damage

When you suspect water damage, bring your phone to VGR as soon as possible. Our thorough diagnostic procedures will assess the depth of the damage, and help guide us in how to best clean and salvage the device and your important data.

Cracked Screen

VGR can repair most iPhone screens in one business day, or while you wait. Not only is our service fast, it’s also extremely affordable.

Malfunctioning Speaker

If you’re not hearing anything out of your iPhone’s speaker, or the sound is distorted in any way, it’s likely that your speaker will need to be repaired or replaced. VGR’s technicians have the experience to sort out any iPhone audio issue.

Dead Battery

When your battery is no longer holding a charge, or charges intermittently or not at all, bring it in to the experts at VGR. We can get your iPhone back up and running quickly so that you don’t have to be without your device for long.

No Signal

There are a number of reasons why your iPhone might be experiencing poor or no signal. Outdated software, SIM card damage, and water damage may be to blame. Let VGR find the culprit.

Broken Buttons

Damaged or malfunctioning buttons can make it very difficult to interact with your iPhone. We can help. Let us assess the situation and get your device back in peak condition in no time.

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