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We know how it goes. Our tablets have become essential parts of our daily life. Its larger screen makes a tablet indispensable for tasks that your smaller phone screen can’t handle. So when your tablet suddenly stops working properly, it can feel like you’ve lost a limb, like a part of yourself has shut down. Let VGR get you back to business as usual with a fast, quality repairs.

iPad Repair

Do you prefer Apple iOS devices? No matter which iPad you have, VGR can get you back up and running. Regardless of model or generation, we have the tools and the knowledge to make your iPad like work like new again.

Android Tablet Repair

If you’re an Android fan, we have your tablet covered. We can fix most of any issue, regardless of the tablet you own. We can fix your Google Nexus or any flavor of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Just bring it in and let our expert technicians do what they do best.

Microsoft Tablet Repair

Or maybe you’re a Microsoft Surface user. We’re fully qualified to work with Microsoft products as well. Our techs can bring every Surface model back from nearly any failure. Let us diagnose what’s ailing your tablet so that you can get back to work.

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